Grace Center for Autism

Founded by an autistic young adult and her mother for autistic people and their families

in Okinawa to provide support locally and globally

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Supporting autistic people and their families
in and from Okinawa

We approach autism from the social model of disability

We are providing all our services online for the foreseeable future. To get any updates from us, follow us on Facebook!

Support Group

Specialist Autism Support 

Individualized one-to-one support for autistic individuals including Specialist Autism Mentoring

Public Speaker

Autism education 

Talks and lectures on autism

Ballet School

Studio Grace

Inclusive space for autistic people and all to seek wellbeing in yoga, ballet, stretch

Restaurant Interior

Cafe Grace

Simple - vegan - fermented food (because our guts and brains are connected!=gut brain axis)



Specialist Autism Support (mentoring)

Kana understood very well what I was struggling with, particularly issues related to autism. She is a very calming and kind person who has been very supportive and encouraged me a lot. 

Specialist Autism Support (consulting)

Kana was the first autistic person for me to talk with, and conversation with her felt right to me. I feel someone like Kana we can rely on is invaluable: someone who has an expertise in autism and supports autistic people and their families. 

Specialist Autism Support (mentoring)

Kana helped me to identify effective learning strategies (which improved my productivity) and gave me tips on coping with and addressing my mental health conditions

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We currently do not have a physical location.